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Home is less object and more feeling – a relationship. You don’t just live there, you bring it with you everywhere you go. YARDY is a creative studio – our home. We welcome you into it. Based in New York City and building globally, we approach our work with this recipe in mind: If it is not deeply explored, it is not worth the journey. If it is not intimate, it is not worth experiencing. If it is worth building, it is best built diversely and collaboratively. We build through food; hospitality; production; events; consulting and design. An ecology of intentional experiences.


Founder’s Bio

DeVonn is a queer, first-generation Jamaican-American artist with a background in design and performance studies. He founded Yardy in Fall 2017 as a way to investigate his own role in Caribbean culture and to encourage others to seek joy and celebration in their own identities. Since then, Yardy has gone on to create brand campaigns, develop activations, and redefine and reaffirm the importance of food and culture. 

Yardy is in the works to launch a flagship studio space in Brooklyn this coming spring with an emphasis on food & beverage programming. 



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